Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Minecraft Creator Openly Supports Gamer Gate

EDITED - Additional information was added to the original post. 

Well this sucks. 

Minecraft creator Markus Persson took to Twitter yesterday to slam "SJWs" who follow him and openly support Gamer Gate. 

It's super disappointing to find out that someone who creates things you enjoy is a giant douche. 

So after I posted this some other information came to light. Apparently, Persson likes to troll what he sees as "both sides" of the issue: 

The thing is, there aren't "two sides" to this. As my friend Greg so eloquently put it: 
There's your bigoted asshole group, and then there's everyone else, who is not a coordinated group targeting your paranoid delusional selves
 So the bottom line is that Persson is just an asshole who likes to use violence against women as a punchline. He and his buddies like to stir the pot for laughs even though real people have been hurt by Gamer Gate. So fuck them. 

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