Sunday, June 16, 2013

Origins Game Fair 2013

Going to Origins Game Fair is one of the highlights of my year, and this year was no exception. Prior to going I was a little annoyed that they were only doing day passes for Saturday (even though I had planned to go on Saturday), as it screwed a lot of people who work weekends. But I was pleasantly surprised when I found that that all three of us - brother, sister, me - could get a family pass for only $15.00. This saved us money and made the con an even better value. 

I love Origins because it hasn't gotten out of hand the way some other cons have. Everything is accessible to everyone and isn't gated behind huge additional costs. So much of what happens at Origins is player/customer driven, from the impromptu gaming sessions in the open hall, to Morton's List, to midnight games of Are You a Werewolf? I hope that never changes. 

My Origins experience started this year before I even left home. Since the theme of this year's con was Super Heroes, I decided to wear my badge from 2009's Hero Con.