Thursday, September 27, 2012

City of Heroes - A Countdown to the End

As the days progress, it gets less and less likely that efforts to save City of Heroes are working. In fact, that was made pretty obvious with the release last week of the lore that was to be. That document, while interesting, also had a few things in it that really pissed me off. Matt "Positron" Miller was very flippant in his responses and seemed like a very reluctant participant in the whole thing. I was quite upset with his answer for "Who is the leader of the Knives of Artemis?" and pretty much livid with why Sister Psyche had to die. Spoiler - they killed her off "just because" they wanted more than one person to die. Sloppy story telling much? It just reinforced what I said before about the game really going downhill as of late. 

In addition to that reveal, NCSoft also announced a schedule of in-game events that are going to be going on in the final days of the game. It's pretty standard stuff, and it's fitting that they're ending the game with the event that started it - a Rikti invasion. I'm going to log in one or two more times for some final screen shots, but I don't think I'll be doing these events. I'm incredibly pissed off that I'm locked out of my own damn super group base and locked out of my Incarnate powers that I spent many hours grinding for. I'm so disgusted by the state of the game right now that I really don't care that it's closing. I'm upset that 80+ people suddenly have no jobs, but I don't care what happens to the game. The City of Heroes that I knew and loved died a long time ago, and that's the part I'll grieve for and miss. 

Still, this video is completely amazing and I would be a fool not to share it. It's by far the most spectacular CoH fan video I have ever seen. It was made by CoH player Voodoo Girl.