Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Weekly Roundup

News of the Geek

Good Internet Reads
  • Gaming blogger Patricia Hernandez wrote a very interesting piece on religion and gaming.
    • Once it wasn't a matter of relating, I became obsessed with what, exactly, drew people to religion, what it took to create a captivating pull, or an interesting narrative that one might want to affiliate with. For my family, the draw was fear: fear of punishment from parents who forced the ideals on them, sure, but the bible itself seemed to prey on fear, too. All lessons seemed to be grounded in consequence: if you don't listen, God will flood the Earth, he will destroy your towns, he will take away your first-born, he will turn you into salt statues, you will go to hell. The bible even ends on a dour note—Revelations, or, a prophecy of the messed up things that will happen as most of humanity is damned and the select few that followed God's law receive the ultimate prize.
  • Rape victim gets a friend request from her rapist. This piece chilled me to the bone. It's astonishing how clueless rapists can be about rape.
    • So, what started as a brief email exchange quickly graduated to a phone call. After exchanging standard polite dialogue, Emily courageously approached the topic. Her rapist, while initially defensive, immediately starts providing specific details about Emily’s assault, validating her internal torment. Not surprisingly, however, the rapist himself never admits to his crime, instead taking the “I thought it was consensual” low road. There were two things that took my breath away in reading parts of their hour-long conversation. One was the absolute gall of this man, who tried to turn the tables on the whole ordeal and become Emily’s friend. But more than that was Emily’s absolute resolve and courage to ask impossibly difficult questions and hear devastatingly cruel answers.
Neat Finds
  • In honor of John Williams' birthday today, I give you this:
  • This is my new music obsession. I first heard it on Glee, but it was also apparently on a Super Bowl commercial. The Glee version is epic, as this is a song that just begs to be sung by a choir; the chorus is soaring, unrestrained, and emotional. I just love everything about it, and it makes me giddy happy every time I hear it.
  • And another thing that makes me giddy, this video is of a couple at the Mayo Clinic who put on a hell of a show. At the time of the video in 2008, they had been married 62 years. I think it's the wife's playful slap on the ass that does it for me. 
    • Two years later, they did a part two:
  • Those that follow me on G+ and Facebook saw these last night, but they bear repeating. I so need them for my Star Wars figure collection:
  • Batman and Robin don't see eye-to-eye on social networking

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