Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Weekly Roundup

Yes dear readers, the Weekly Roundup is back. Look for it to return as a weekly feature starting...right now. 

News of the Geek

Good Internet Reads
  • There have been some great pieces over at Together, We're Better. Here are some highlights:
    • Jesse's guide to success for the chronic procrastinator:
      • I’m going to wake up, look at that list I just made, and say “You know cats (because talking out-loud to yourself is just weird), it’s New Years Day. I’ve been working really hard all week and I think I deserve to take a holiday. Besides, it makes more sense to start things on a Monday. First day of the week and all. So I’ll just spend today playing Skyrim and then I’ll be refreshed to tackle all those exciting new projects tomorrow.” I just told you that I’m going to say it. In fact, I wrote this whole article about it. But some variation of that thought will cross my mind tomorrow. Probably a couple dozen times. Because I’m a chronic procrastinator. I've never met a distraction that I didn’t like. For some reason, this is an extremely common trait among creative people. No matter how enthusiastic we are about our ideas, we can always find some excuse to postpone them. You probably know someone who procrastinates. We won’t name names.
    • Julian's piece on the lie that is perfectionism:
      • What has happened is that I’ve allowed my need to “do it right” to prevent me from doing anything at all. I’ve become paralyzed by perfectionism. Instead of doing something that doesn't quite fit the vision of the perfect outcome I’ve created in my head, I don’t do anything.
  • This isn't something to read, per se, but featured Jean Kilbourne's "Killing Us Softly" video, which thoroughly exposes the dangers of the images in media and advertising. This link only goes to the first part, but the rest of it can be found on YouTube:
Neat Finds

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