Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Questing for Fitness

Today I made my first contribution to Together, We're Better. In my post, I talk about my past some, and lay down the ground work for my success this year. 

One of the tools I'm using to be successful is Fitocracy, a fantastic site that turns fitness goals into a video game. Exercises are worth XP that you use to level up. In addition, there are quests that are worth bonus XP, and badges to be earned. You can even join a group that has it's own challenges for added competition. PvP, if you will. And you will, because this is my blog. 

If you're the kind of gamer I am, then you're all about the quests. For me, a game is made or broken by its quests, which is why I loathe World of Warcraft:
Go find 100 wolf assholes [interesting side note: not all wolves in WoW even have assholes] which you can then make into a soup that regenerates 5 hit points in 6 hours, and leaves you prone while you're eating it. 
No thanks. I'm not paying $15 a month to lumber around Azeroth looking for anatomically correct wolves to make a pointless potion. 

The quests in Fitocracy are fun, and they have eye catching names. The one I completed tonight is called Untz Untz Untz Untz. It was completed by dancing for a half hour and doing 50 jumping jacks.

I have to admit, I only did this quest for the points. I was almost level 6 and needed a boost. Dancing and jumping jacks aren't normally part of my routine, but what happened tonight leaves me feeling like they should be. 

See, I was a dancer when I was younger. I did ballet, jazz, and tap. I love dancing. For a long time, it was all I wanted to do. I gave up dancing, mostly, because I discovered at the age of 16 that I hadn't grown since I was 12 (and still haven't), and that I was nowhere near the minimum height required to be a professional dancer. On top of that, I was too curvy and busty. It just wasn't going to happen. 

I started my quest after my normal workout, and I did the jumping jacks first to get them out of the way. At first, it wasn't so bad, but at about the 32nd one I was kinda doubting my ability to go one. But I finished, and survived. I them put on Delerium's Karma, set my timer and started to move. 

I moved all over my bedroom and office, annoying my cat in the process, and feeling something that I thought I had forgotten - the simple joy of moving. I found myself remembering old belly dance moves. I found that my hips still move that way, if I try. But the best thing I found is that the music and the movement take me to a spot within myself that I buried a long time ago. I tranced out a few times, letting it all flow over me. And it felt really good. It was peaceful. 

And it got me a shitload of points and a new level. 

It also got me to add dancing to my regular routine, and got me excited to try the other quests. And in the end, I guess that's the point. Beat that, WoW. You and your wolf asshole soup. 

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