Friday, October 28, 2011

Stop the Sexy Costume Insanity

There is only one thing about Halloween that bothers me and that is the trend that has cropped up in the last five years or so that states all women's costumes have be sexy. Sexy nurse, sexy vampire, sexy barbarian, etc. Last year the insanity of this reached critical mass when I saw a sexy bumblebee costume. That's right, bees can now be sexy. I don't have an issue with sexy costumes per se, but when the only options are these sexy variants of every day things there is a problem. Even worse is that the sexualization of costumes is now reaching down into girls' costumes, and some of the ones you find in stores now are quite inappropriate. 

But there is hope! The website Take Back Halloween is a website dedicated to women with an imagination. It's not a store, but a resource guide to creating fantastic costumes that move beyond the sexy trend. 
So while you're getting ready for Halloween parties this weekend, know that you have other options than being a sexy package of M&Ms