Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Nightmare Revisited

Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies, which should not come to great surprise to anyone who reads this blog on a regular basis. A few years ago, Jon gifted me a copy of a really wonderful CD (remember those?), Nightmare Revisited

Nightmare Revisited is a collection of covers of the songs from the movie done by popular artists, and is book ended by voice overs by Danny Elfman. Artists on the CD include Marilyn Manson, Amy Lee, and Plain White T's. My favorite track is "Kidnap the Sandy Claws" by Korn.

The Big Fat Truth about Sexism in the Diet Industry

Last month, a posted a link to the Facebook fan page to an article about Dr. Pepper's new drink which explicitly states "is not for women." I had read elsewhere that, due to public outcry (which probably sounded like "What the fuck?"), the Dr. Pepper folks had decided to axe the campaign. But then a week ago, I saw the commercial on TV:
On top of being enormously sexist, it's also incredibly stupid. "It's not for women?" Well ok then. Does that mean that men who drink other, sexually ambiguous diet sodas need to be ashamed? Why are we suddenly giving men permission to drink diet sodas when they've been on the market for as long as I can remember? 

And what the hell is so feminine about diet soda? 

It also assumes a LOT about women - that we hate action films (sadly this one is true for me; I get bored out of my skull when a movie is all explosions and no plot, no character development, and no interesting dialogue), and that we dig romantic comedies and so-called "chick flicks." I like some mind candy every now and then, but rom-coms are not my goto choice of film. 

If this isn't bad enough, Weight Watchers has started an all new program for men. The first time I saw the commercial for it, it kind of broke my brain. I never knew Weight Watchers was exclusively for women. All this time I thought men were already using their products and having success.  

I know that women have far more pressure on them to be beautiful and perfect than men do, and that a fat women would never be the lead in one of those romantic comedies that we apparently love so much, but I'm quite shocked that the diet industry is now being so bold and so blatant in their sexism. The more subtle and insidious things have been pointed out by feminists for years (and we usually get told to shut up and that we're making too much out of nothing), but this is obvious enough that no one can ignore it. Saying that Weight Watchers has a program for men is saying that for 40 years Weight Watchers has existed only for women. Saying that Dr. Pepper 10 is a drink for men says that all other diet drinks are for women. 

And the worst thing that a man can be called is a woman.

"You throw like a girl." 
"You run like a girl."
"Quit being a little bitch." 

"Man up."
"Stop being a sissy."
"Get the sand out of your vagina."
"You're a pussy."

Sound familiar? I'm sure it does. No one grows up in a vacuum. This kind of thing starts on the playground and slithers its way into adulthood, apparently to the point that men feel they can't diet like a woman lest they be compared to one. 

And how ridiculous is that?