Thursday, October 6, 2011

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  • I got word of Steve Jobs' death while I was writing this last night, and I just couldn't finish it. I'm not normally a person who gets that upset about the passing of a famous person I've never met, but something about the loss of Jobs has bothered me a lot. I think it is because he's so young (my mother's age) and he struggled with such a horrible illness. On top of that, he contributed to the world of technology in ways that touch us all, even if we're not huge Apple fangirls/boys. His slick, sleek and innovative designs kept the world of technology competitive and always striving to be better. Though he was late to the game on the smartphone, the presence of the iPhone on the market forced all smartphone producers to be better. The same can be said for all of Apple's creations. Because words are failing me on this (the best I could come up with is "Thank you for the iPod" and that seemed trite), I have collected some of the more touching tributes I found to share with you all:
  • There was another significant loss last night; civil rights icon Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth also died. 
    • The Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth, a blunt-talking preacher who braved beatings, bombings and fire-hosings to push Birmingham, Ala., to the forefront of the civil rights movement and advanced the historic fight with a confrontational strategy that often put him at odds with its most charismatic leader, died Wednesday. He was 89.
  • And because these things usually go in threes, Star Trek actor Charles Napier also passed away.
  • New York town clerks are refusing to give same sex couples marriage licenses on "religious" grounds.
    • In a new video, Rose Marie Belforti, the Ledyard, New York town clerk who is breaking the law by refusing to process marriage licenses for gay and lesbian couples, whines about the injustices being done to her as a Christian by having to do her job.
  • October is American Cheese Month. Celebrate by buying American made or locally made cheese. I did this very thing by purchasing goat cheese from a local dairy.
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