Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Weekly Roundup

Often times when I'm just browsing around the internet I find things that make me go "Oooh, I'd love to share that on my blog!" But if I did that every time I found something cool, this page would be cluttered and ugly, and I simply can't have that. So I figured a weekly post of cool things was in order. 

News of the Geek

Good Internet Reads

  • Indie author Sarah Diemer posted How the Queer Rise: A Manifesto on the blog she shares with her wife Jenn. It's a fantastic read and I have shared it everywhere I can.
  • I liked this interesting BlogHer piece titled Why Our Parents Put Us to Shame. While I am not a parent, I get to spend a lot of my time around people of all ages. Most of my friends have children, ranging from just a few years to teenagers. I also had a unique experience being a college student at the age of 30. I was really blown away by the behavior of some of the 18 to 21 year old classmates I had. So when I read this article, I knew exactly what she was getting at, and it made me thankful that I have put off parenthood thus far (though I'm not opposed to it in a few years). The part of the piece that really stood out for me was this:
    • They Cooked. Meals. In pans. Sometimes even in the oven. Every day. And if we were hungry, we ate. There were very few drive-thrus, no Toaster Strudel, microwaves, no Lunchables, no pizza delivery. We ate meals, you know, with a starch and a vegetable. There was no such thing as a Meal Deal, and items that are passed off as meals today, like the "Pizza and Cookie" combo pack, Hot Pockets, or Jalapeno Poppers didn't exist.
  • The heatwave that the midwest went through made eating out on the deck pretty much impossible. This disappointed me a lot, as outside eating is something I really enjoy. In fact, I ate my breakfast out on the deck this morning because it was very cool and there was a lovely breeze. The Kitchn posted a good list of five tips for making outdoor eating in extreme heat enjoyable.
Neat Finds

  • Penny, one of my closest and dearest friends and fellow foodie, sent me an invite to the website Nosh. The idea behind Nosh is simple but cool - it's a collection of review of individual dishes, not restaurants, that you can reference if you ever find yourself in a restaurant wondering "What's good here to eat?" I haven't yet used Nosh, as I haven't eaten out since I joined, but I've enjoyed reading reviews from people who have used it. I have the mobile app all ready to go as soon as I find myself in a cool place with share-worthy food. 
  • This is a very cool video about the creation of a portable Nintendo 64. 
  • Planet Express in LEGOs
    • epic win photos - Lego Futurama WIN
  • And lastly, a tale of bad romance told in one picture

Geeks Helping Geeks - The Art of CStuck

City of Heroes LiveJournal community member CStuck is trying to earn enough money by making art for people so that he can join the rest of the community this weekend for Double XP Weekend. For a reasonable amount, he will make you a cute Mega Man style sprite of your character.