Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Weekly Roundup

New of the Geek
Good Internet Reads
  • How to explain gay rights to an idiot. An awesome, illustrated guide to share with the idiot in your life who just doesn't get it.  
  • The Tetris Effect uses videos games to explain how everything went to hell.
    • When I was in fifth grade, we were sometimes allowed to use the computers in our school computer lab to play games. We were allowed to play them not because of them being fun or exciting but because they were "educational," because they were supposed to teach us things about the world, things that would help us in the future, as we grew up. Most of them weren't really games, it didn't feel like, even if that's what they were technically called. Just because you called typing or doing math problems a "game" didn't make it a game, I didn't think.
  • This is a great article from Jezebel on why older men chase younger women. And it's written by a man in case your knickers got sufficiently twisted on the first sentence. 

Neat Finds

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