Saturday, October 15, 2011

An Obnoxious Response to Occupy Wall Street

If you are on Facebook, chances are good that you have seen this:
This kid has no idea what he's talking about (and I say "he" in the generic; I have no idea who wrote this). He makes "barely above minimum wage," which is well below the $350,000.00 annual salary needed to not be in the 99%. The 99% is an economic indicator, not a reflection on your state in life. 

Also, this kid is still in college. He has no idea what life is like once you leave the safety and security of college. He has no idea how many people had the world on a string at age 22, but had all their good plans and security crushed because of an injury, illness, or some other catastrophe. As the old saying goes, shit happens. Also, he spelled "ass" wrong. If you're going to be an adult, use your grown up words. 


  1. I might also add that not everyone qualifies for even one scholarship, let alone two. Bully for you that you got two of them, most of us don't have that opportunity. Just wait until you become one of the over-educated, under-employed 20 somethings. You'll be one of those who quickly become disenchanted with the world. In other words, you'll have joined the 99%.

  2. so very true. I imagine this kid's views will change when, after twenty years, all his hard work and seemingly proper efforts are rewarded with an economic structure that leaves his wages outpaced by inflation. When he fins that there is more to life than sitting in an empty dorm room and eating ramen noodles. He might become distraught when he finds that costs have outpaced his earnings and his children will be unable to afford the education he received. When his child's 3.8 gpa will be commonplace because the standards of education have sunk so low, and all scholarships have been eliminated. He is the 99%, he is just too wet behind the ears to realize it.

  3. Ohhh, I hadn't seen that response. Love it. Occupy Tucson began today, and watching the marchers was making me teary. I'm going down there sometime this week!