Monday, October 24, 2011

A Bunch of Crock

What do you get when you cross vintage art and snarky (but accurate) political commentary? Why you get my favorite thing of the day, A Bunch of Crock.
Nearly one-in-five (18%) Americans say President Barack Obama is a Muslim. 

A Bunch of Crock is the creation of artist Safwat Saleem, who has this to say about it on his website:
A Bunch of Crock is an art exhibit about the absurdities of political campaigns and the unfortunate role of minorities. Filtering through various political messages in any election year, the common thread seems to be this: 1) politicians and pundits think the general population is too stupid to tell fact from fiction and 2) promoting fear of minorities is good politics.
Using satire and good old-fashioned profanity, this exhibit attempts to bypass the bullshit and tell the audience what the politicians and pundits actually mean, and how they portray minorities to promote fear and manufacture outrage.

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