Saturday, September 10, 2011

Mentally Disabled Man Robbed of Large Superman Collection

Just when I start thinking maybe the world isn't such a bad place, I read articles that prove otherwise, like the one about a Superman fanatic from Illinois being robbed of a large and cherished Superman collection. From the article at Comics Alliance:
Meyer, whose father died when he was 20 and who lost his mother just three years later, estimates that he owned "pretty much every issue of Superman from number 99 to the present." Also missing are nearly 100 Superman action figures, a collectible Superman radio, Superman television set and Superman Monopoly game. Mann also wrote that Meyer owns a a hand-sewn Superman costume, which he hangs with a brown trench coat, just like Clark Kent.
Meyer said of the astonishingly cruel incident, "A lot of that was sentimental, and he stole that from me. He invaded my privacy, and he took away my peace of mind."
I think the phrase "astonishingly cruel incident" sums it up as nicely as possible, though my description of it would include many R-rated. How lowly, depraved and sick does one need to be to take advantage of someone and steal what is most precious to them? 

There is a positive note to this, however. As geeks are want to do when one of our own is in need, Comics Alliance readers came together to help Mr. Meyer recover what was stolen and help rebuild his collection. In addition to helping him rebuild, comics fans in Illinois and those living near St. Louis are encouraged to keep a keen eye out at comics shops for signs of the stolen collection. Local comics shops are also on board, and the Comics Alliance post has some addresses and contact information. A close friend of Mr. Meyer is also helping keep track of what is missing, what is being replaced, and what has been recovered. Says Mr. Meyer of the efforts to help him:
I have never felt so much love in my life; I no longer feel like the Frankenstein monster. I feel that people understand me now, for the first time in my life.
He also included this quote from a 1960s Superman comic:
Do good unto others and every man can be a Superman.

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  1. You are very talented Toby. Great story! Love from a fellow EDF!