Friday, September 30, 2011

Looney Labs Brings Back Pyramids and Introduces Star Fluxx

Today is quite a day for Looney Labs! Today they announced that pyramids are now back, and the newest edition of Fluxx, Star Fluxx, is available to purchase
The new headliner game introduces a great new component: a pair of special dice which adds a much needed randomizing element to the system. One die features the 5 colors in a rainbow stash plus a wild symbol, and the other die features pyramid icons in various combos. Together you can roll them to randomly determine a specific pyramid, or limited-option selection of pyramids, and these tools open the door to a whole new world of game design options.
Join the intrepid crew of a Starship - the Captain, the Engineer, the Doctor, the Scientist, the Robot, and the Expendable Crewman - as they journey from a Small Moon to a Distant Planet, exploring Alien Cities and finding Alien Life Forms, seeking out new Energy Crystals, encountering such mysteries as the Monolith, the Wormhole, the Time Portal, and the Time Traveler. With the help of your trusty Intergalactic Travel Guide and a Computer, you might win with the Ultimate Answer!

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