Sunday, September 11, 2011

I've Been Noshing

So I have a confession. 

I photograph my food. A lot. 

I mostly do this when I travel, as dining out part of the travel experience. I don't want to just tell my friends and family about the wonderful things I ate while traveling, I want to show them as well. 

So that is why I joined Nosh, the social network for foodies that I wrote about a few weeks ago. At the time of that post, I hadn't yet used Nosh, but over the weekend I did and I loved it. I ate at That Crepe Place where I ate a BLT crepe that was simply wonderful. Very fresh, nicely portioned, and well priced, not to mention delicious. And photogenic:
BLT Crepe in all it's ooey gooey melty goodness
You see Nosh not only lets me share pictures of my food, but encourages it. I'm used to dining out with people who laugh when my camera comes out, or are embarrassed, but not Nosh. No, Nosh knows that I'm an addict and that it's totally ok. And for that I love Nosh. 

In March of this year, my partner John and I traveled to New Jersey for the US Coast Guard graduation of my youngest brother Bryan. While there, I photographed every dish I ate, and even a few of his. In fact, there are nearly as many pictures of our food as there are of us. Stop looking at me like that. 

I also forgot to take my camera to the Ren Fair yesterday, and had to rely on my Droid. Because of that, I only took pictures of Cast in Bronze, and my lunch.
Potato soup in a bread bowl and a frosty mug of ye olde Pepsi
If you join Nosh, look me up! I'd love to see the dishes you all take pictures of. 

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  1. I take pictures of my foods too!
    OMG I need to try that crepe place.