Sunday, September 11, 2011

Cast in Bronze at the Ohio Renaissance Festival

At least once a year, my family and I attend the Ohio Renaissance Festival and yesterday was our day to attend. It was a gorgeous day with perfect weather, and we were fortunate enough to see Cast in Bronze

Cast in Bronze is the only musical act in the world that features a carillon, an ancient bell instrument that is usually hidden in the bell towers of churches and cathedrals around Europe. 

The music we were treated to was beautiful and haunting. The bells are simultaneously bright and alive and dark and brooding. The Spirit of the Bells, the masked performer, played the carillon while accompanied by recorded tracks of other instruments and vocals. The best all around word I  can think to describe the sound of the music is haunting. It's emotional, moving, and evokes something in the mind that's intangible and hard to describe. In essence, it's awesome. I mean like really awesome, in the traditional sense of the word.  
I was delighted to get to hear the performance, as I had read several months ago that Cast in Bronze was going to be at our fair. It was something I'll remember forever. 

I took some videos to share with everyone. I was going to stop at two but then he started in with "Carmina Burana" and I had to film a bit of it. These videos were taken with my Droid, so pardon the quality. 

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  1. I saw that a few years ago at the Texas Ren fest I believe.