Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Wii Will Survive

On June 16, my brother Jon had an aneurysm rupture in his frontal lobe. He spent six weeks at  Miami Valley Hospital after having endovascular coiling surgery. The first few weeks were in intensive care, followed by about a week and a half in the regular neuro unit, and then in rehabilitation. 

As you can imagine, it was a very trying time for my family but the excellent staff at Miami Valley went out of their way to be there for us, to take great care of Jon, and to answer any and all questions we had. We are thankful that Jon doesn't remember any of this, however, because it was very trying for him. His only memories of his hospital stay are the weeks he spent in rehab. 

The rehab unit impressed us. He had top notch care from his nurses, therapists, case workers, and even the unit clerks. Everyone on the unit genuinely cared about the care they were providing, and did everything in their power to ensure that Jon was cared for in a way that let him maintain his personal dignity. 

We were also impressed by the use of the Nintendo Wii in his physical therapy. They used balance and body control games on the Wii Fit to help Jon learn to walk again, learn to stand on his own again, and to help with his hand-eye coordination. This family of geeks and gamers found it refreshing that for once video games weren't being demonized as a catalyst for the downfall of society. 

Jon and I have always been very close, so when they told us that Jon was going to need help at home for a while, I gladly volunteered to help. I have kept up the Wii therapy here at home, and I have our whole family doing it now. We take time during the day to do our body checks and play games that suit our individual needs. Wii Fit Plus allows us to track Jon's progress while he continues to heal at home, and has also helped get our family rededicated to living a healthier life. 

On top of the physical benefits, doing this together gives us time to spend with each other which is something we sadly didn't always make time for before. It also makes conversations like this possible:

Jon (holding the Wii-mote at crotch level): *laughs*

Me (trying not to laugh): That's not how you play this game.
Jon: No, but it's how I play with my Wii-ner. 

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  1. So much win. I can't stand it. I will be chuckling for days.

    Wii-ner. I love that guy!