Wednesday, August 24, 2011

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    1. In regards to the Star Wars MMO, I'm glad to know I won't be giving them any money. Are they also under the impression that every alien species has a male/female gender binary? Huh. Then there had also better not be any cross-species relationships, either. Because it sounds like they're firmly in the camp of procreation-only relationships and even on earth, cross-species relationships are, for the most part, sterile or produce sterile offspring. Seriously, can you imagine a Mon Kalimari paired with a Wookiee?

    2. That bookshelf secret passage is pretty awesome. I'd put in something like that if I ever planned on building a house big enough to justify it.

      I saw the GameStop story on Ars earlier and my first reactionw as surpise that GameStop is even selling the PC version of Dues Ex. The last time I bought anything at GameStop was in September of 2008 when Warhammer Online released. Their PC selection has always been abysmal, but that particular store didn't even have a lonely freestanding shelf with a few battered boxes from 5 years ago. I asked the clerk, thinking perhaps I had just overlooked it, and he told me they had a few copies of the game under the counter in case anyone came in looking for it, but they would not be putting it out for display. The few times I have been to other GameStops since then, they didn't have a PC section either.

    3. RE: The secret passage...Several years ago, I appraised an upscale retirement community that was under construction and one of their models had an option that replaced the secondary garage with a secret passage room similar to the one above. They called it the "Cognac Room." :)