Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sexist Clothing for Little Girls at JCPenney

So JCPenny is currently selling this shirt:

Available here, if you're curious.
Isn't that a great message? If you're pretty, you don't have to be smart. I know it's my dream to one day raise a bunch of future trophy wives who have no life skills. 

But this shirt, as gross as it is, is part of a larger problem. In the past 20 - 30 years, Americans are increasingly celebrating their ignorance, reveling in the petty human dramas of reality television and living in a world where celebrity "news" is on the same page as actual news. This dumbing down of our society has lead us to have some very skewed priorities. And let's not forget that education is the key to financial independence, and financial independence is one way women can escape abusive relationships has a petition up to tell JCPenney to stop selling this shirt. I have a healthy skepticism about online petitions, but I did sign this one. 

UPDATE - JCPenney has agreed to stop selling the shirt. That was some extremely quick action on their part! 

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