Sunday, August 7, 2011

News of the Geek

I'm a couple days behind on this because I've been pretty sick. I want to thank everyone who has sent in good feedback and responses to this blog. It's been really great to see that it's starting to catch on! And now, the news:
  • Bad news for Farmville players - Zynga may be leaving Facebook due to a shrinking user base. They blame it on more popular, branded games coming to Facebook, but I suspect his has to do with Facebook's recent privacy debacle. There has been no official word on how many people have left Facebook, but out of my group of friends, three have deleted their accounts all together, and over 30 have stopped using any applications - including Farmville. Granted, that's only one social group, but I'll bet there's more at play here than competition with Family Feud.  
  • Wal*Mart has GameStop in its crosshairs. This is terrible news for me, as I do not shop at Wal*Mart for anything. Ever. But this is also terrible news for gamers. The loss of specialty stores is not only bad for communities, but it's bad for the consumer. You can go into any GameStop and ask any employee about a game, and they'll be able to give you a good, informed, and intelligent answer. They can tell you when an anticipated title is going to launch, and they'll help you make an informed decision about your purchases. Gamers will not get that kind of care at Wal*Mart. What's worse, Wal*Mart has a history of censoring or not selling things it finds offensive. If that scares you, go start supporting your local GameStop now. 
  • Paragon Studios announced yesterday that they are not hosting a HeroCon this year. Instead, they are going to have a presence at several major gaming cons around the country. They are still looking to fill the last spot, and my vote is for GenCon in Indianapolis. While I'm very sad to see that there will be no HeroCon this year, as I enjoyed the two they had immensely and I hope they come to their senses next year and have one, I'm hoping this gets some much needed exposure to a great game that really deserves it. 
And lastly, I leave you with this cool video. Enjoy! 

Originally posted 12 May 2010

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